Beth Dwyer interview

At the tender age of 17, Coventry based singer Beth Dwyer is slowly beginning to find her feet in the music world as she starts her journey from YouTube sensation to star live performer. Last night (28th April) at the launch party for the new television show 4Play, I was lucky enough to have a chat with the wonderful person herself and discover what it is that makes Beth so adored.

Music has played a major part in Beth’s life ever since she first picked up the guitar at the tender age of 5 and quickly expressed, to her family’s delight, that she had a natural gift for playing instruments as well as singing.

Beth’s career beginnings humbly originate on YouTube as her friends pushed her to share her talent with the rest of the world and she soon obliged by uploading covers of popular indie songs, such as “Always Like This” by Bombay Bicycle Club, to good reception.

As fans and critics alike are starting to take notice of her unquestionable ability, Beth has teasingly begun to slowly release and share her own original songs. It seems that the talented singer is no longer content with just covering songs from other musicians and instead wants to spread her own message and fully explore her relationship with the music.

Juggling a fledgling career with the day to day stress of being a student, Beth cuts an innocent figure throughout our interview as she shows that she is a refreshing individual who sings for her own personal enjoyment and happiness. Whilst Beth suggests she struggles with nerves, during her performance at the 4Play TV Show launch event she cut a brave, confident figure who had a calming stage presence and soothed the crowd with her sweet, blissful tones.

In the rest of my video interview with Beth, which you can view above, she reveals the names of some of the artists who inspire her and touches upon the immense support of her family who are “delighted” that she is being booked to perform live. All that remains to be seen now is whether Beth can make a big impact upon the music world by creating some more soulful, beautifully personal songs and I for one am positive that she can.


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